Bing Shopping UK now in beta testing

Ok, so you’re an ecommerce outfit based in the UK and you’ve already got Google Shopping campaigns set up and working? Yes?

No?? Surely not? Google Shopping campaigns are an absolute must have! If you haven’t set them up give us a call and we’ll manage it all for you - that’s all there is to say on that one. Get it sorted.

Right, well back to what I wanted to talk about and that’s the Bing PPC version of shopping campaigns - yes, it’s been available in the US for a while now, but only recently has it opened up to the UK and Australia.

AdClix Online Marketing is always looking to keep at the forefront of new developments in PPC, so we were keen to get one of our clients Teddy Bear Friends onto Bing Shopping asap. Bing search engine doesn’t get anywhere near the traffic of Google but it’s important to cover all the bases and you don’t want to be missing out on traffic that you would normally expect to come your way with a presence on the UK’s 2nd most important search facility.

Simple stuff really, just re-use the Google Shopping feed and import the campaigns from Google. Done!

Or so we thought. It wasn’t that easy. Funnily enough the campaigns have imported well, but the feed has created some issues. I’ll go through a few of them here:

Firstly, getting set up is not so simple. The interface is different in that Bing doesn’t have a separate merchant center - it’s all part of their Bing Ads system. Is it better? Not so sure. Google does have issues with it’s Google Merchant Center but I like the separation and the ability to check individual product information - something not currently available in Bing.

Bing allows you to re-download the feed as it has imported from your end - it shows how your feed may have caused issues, such as unrecognised / illegal characters, and resulted in products being rejected, but I’d like to see the individual product information in future iterations of Bing Merchant Center.

We finally got the products listed having had a number of issues with speech marks and characters that Google had always allowed. Early on, we realised we had to separate the 2 systems so we now have a separate feed for Bing which is similar to Google but not exactly the same - we didn’t want to break the Google feed that had been working fine for ages. The key was to get it live and then go from there.

So, after many fruitless daily uploads - and the manual ones not seeming to make any difference - we finally got products listed. And I wrote this light-hearted blog post highlighting some of the reasons why a few products had been rejected. Well, everything done then apart from a few rogue issues that over time generally get sorted - similar to brand name issues when uploading Google feeds.

Or so I thought. Now I’ve been searching on Bing to test to see if the product ads are showing and nothing is coming up so thought perhaps it’s a waiting game for Bing to process and get its system working… early days and all that. I’ve tested a number of searches across many different retail product groups and very few are showing product ads anyways, so maybe it wasn’t just me who wasn’t getting shown any product ads.

Hmmm, well, I thought I’d have a quick look to see how many impressions and clicks the ads were getting. Checking in Bing Ads it’s big fat 0s all the way down bar 1 impression! Not good.

So what’s gone wrong? All products rejected, then approved, then rejected! My product descriptions which had been fine, have now been split on commas. What! This is so annoying, I do understand there are always gremlins in any system but I would have thought some of the basic stuff would have been ironed out by now, having been used in the US for some considerable time.

So, just be wary. Get everything done as you would with Google but don’t expect results just yet. I think this one’s going to be a work in progress. Watch this space…

Want to get a Bing Shopping feed but don’t know where to start - let AdClix do the work.

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