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Do You Have a Mobile Friendly Website?

Friday, October 16th, 2015

I briefly visited the Business & Technology Show at Aintree on Wednesday and met with Bernard Rose - owner of who was also on the lookout for new business but in a different sphere.

Bernard was interested in making his website work better on mobile internet technology. Although it’s not an ecommerce website where it is imperative that you are mobile optimised, it is always a good idea if the website is bringing in business that it is optimised as over 50% of traffic is now mobile. A figure that is likely to grow and grow in the near future with the growth of mobile usage amongst young people leading the surge.

The website itself was nothing much to write home about, but being close to it, Bernard was proud of his efforts. Unfortunately the images were slow loading and could easily be optimised to about 20% of their current file sizes. Since speed is becoming a key SEO ranking factor, simple stuff like optimising images is an absolute must to retain good search engine rankings for the future. And speed is definitely more important when viewing on a mobile when you’re out and about, than on a desktop or laptop at home when connected to broadband.

I told him it would likely be possible to retain the essence of his business website with a relatively simple redesign that would allow users to view images and text without zooming and where they could browse more quickly and easily.

What will it cost?

Of course, as with all business decisions it all comes down to cost. What will it cost to convert to a mobile friendly website? Will I get that back and how soon?

However, actually the question should be, and always for business decisions should be, what is the opportunity cost of not converting your website to work on a mobile?. What will it cost you, if you don’t make the change?

Do you need a website redesign to work on mobile. If you’re interested in working with me, get in touch.