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AdClix offer Search Engine Optimisation services such as consultancy, website development and account management services. Basically, we will go through with you what you and your business needs and tailor our approach to suit your aims and your budget.

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OK, so you know what SEO is? Or do you? With the ever changing nature of search engine algorithms, what was once accepted as a great idea to boost your SERPs is now seen as Black Hat and likely to have your website booted off the front page, if not booted out of the free search listings for good.

We've seen the comings and goings of the major search giants since before the pre-dot-com bubble like AltaVista, Lycos and Excite, and the rise and fall of Yahoo! to the current dominance of Google.

We've witnessed Google's stance of favouring backlinks - so much so that developers started to game the search engine until a whole bunch of rubbish websites were sitting pretty at the top - each with thousands of links pointed at their web property from trashy link farms.

So things had to improve and Google's answer was a number of key algorithm updates starting with Panda in February 2011. This was the name given to the update aimed at removing sites with low-quality, often duplicated content from their SERPs. Those websites with too many ads sometimes experienced a drop too.

The next big update to Google's algorithm occurred in April 2012 and was coined Penguin. The main thrust was to target and eradicate the trashy backlink profiles of some top ranking websites and in doing so, eradicate the trashy websites that had done so well having bought hundreds and thousands of trashy backlinks.

And so it continues, with the Hummingbird update in Summer 2013 helping Google understand the semantic meaning behind complex user queries and introducing the concept of machine learning into the algorithm (later to be nicknamed RankBrain Autumn 2015), plus updates aimed at bettering local search and so on.

So what we have is a very moveable 'feast' - although only if you're on top of the whole industry. Otherwise it could so easily become a moveable 'famine', in terms of your search engine rankings and traffic to your site.

Still Unsure What SEO Is?

If you're still not sure what SEO is and want to get an understanding before committing to a contract, check out a guide to Search Engine Optimisation. We've included just two below as there's a lot of reading - if nothing else, you'll get an idea of how much background knowledge is required to do good SEO work on websites.

  • What Is SEO?
    SEO stands for search engine optimization and is the process of getting traffic from free, organic, editorial or natural search results on search engines like Google.
  • The Beginner's Guide to SEO
    An excellent guide designed to describe all areas of SEO.

Trust Us With Your SEO

We are a small business consultancy that understands your needs and knows that costs need to be kept down. We actually develop and use Search Engine Optimisation ourselves for our own ecommerce websites so we know exactly what works and works well.

So get yourself a quality service that gets to the heart of the matter and doesn't cost you the earth. Don't delay, give AdClix a call and see your search rankings improve right away.

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