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If you're looking to grow your business by doing it yourself then you've come to the right place. In order to begin developing fantastic Google AdWords campaigns you need to get the best start by reading up on the strategies employed by leading paid search experts.

We've listed some great PPC resources on this page to get you started. However, this is only the beginning and there's loads more stuff out there to give you insight into the industry.

The only thing that we would say is that there is always a new idea or strategy and you can never stand still. Get learning!

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General PPC blogs and tutorials
an excellent website covering the paid search advertising industry. So many excellent writers and articles you'll end up spending hours here - a great place to start!

The WordStream Blog
A superb collection of knowledgeable articles on all aspects of Google AdWords and paid search marketing.

PPC Rockstars
Cool online radio show and videos to download at your leisure - the best tips, tactics, and techniques on all-things PPC.
a brilliant blog about the PPC advertising agency / industry including some well researched and thought provoking articles that will also lead you to more great resources.

Must read articles:
The basics

PPC University
Learn Search Marketing for Free with WordStream. Organised into three courses: PPC Basics; AdWords Optimization Best Practices; and Advanced AdWords Strategies.

7 Ways to Ruin Your AdWords Campaigns
If you want to ruin your AdWords campaigns and see your conversion rates tank, then be sure to follow these seven all-too-common AdWords mistakes.

Google Shopping feeds

No More Guesswork: Stop Sabotaging Your Google Shopping Campaigns
An excellent presentation to get you started on Google shopping. Talks about the basics including images, product titles, merchant promotions, keywords and negative keywords, bidding and testing.

Dynamic Marketing / Remarketing

Unlocking the Mysteries of Dynamic Marketing
A webinar that attempts to unlock the mystery of dynamic keyword insertion (DKI), dynamic search ads, and dynamic remarketing ads.

Cross device conversions

What Google's New Cross-Device Benchmarks Actually Mean For Advertisers
Track users who switch devices before converting, i.e. research on mobile but buy on a desktop

Landing pages

7 Landing Page Tools that Could Save Your Conversion Rates
Good marketing is all about good landing pages, and the right gear can make your mission much easier. These landing page tools are real lifesavers.

Must read books: The 2 most essential PPC books

Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords

by Perry Marshall / Bryan Todd / Mike Rhodes
Google processes nearly 6 billion searches every day--making it a powerful advertising medium your business can't afford to ignore. Top Google AdWords experts present the fundamentals, techniques, tools, and tricks that Google should teach you, but doesn't.

Advanced Google AdWords

by Brad Geddes
The ultimate guide to Google AdWords is fully updated for its third edition This is the ultimate guide for those who want to quickly get beyond AdWords basics to learn and apply the advanced techniques and tactics that are used by Fortune 500 companies.

If you come across any paid search articles, blogs or ppc tools that you think are indispensable we'd like to add them to our list - give AdClix a call

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