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For many businesses, their website started out as a little side project to provide a brochure of their services or list some of their main products together with the business contact details such as a phone number. Heck, it was the boss or boss' son who knocked it up with those gruesome 500K graphics. Life was easy.

Roll forward 10 years and now everyone is on the internet 24/7.

People, and especially young people, don't use the Yellow Pages or Thomson's blue book anymore. Do they even still make them and deliver them? I mean, when was the last time you picked up a copy, flicked through the pages and selected a plumber, an electrician, a roofer or anything? In the last year? Five years ago?? More???

The world of finding this information has totally changed. Your snazzy brochure site - which was the first one developed by a business in your market town - has been joined by tens of thousands of others. They're all better, they're all marketed better, and they're all stealing your business from under your nose!

What's the Actual Cost of DIY

Are you a small business owner who knows nothing about the internet except that you need to be on it?

Is managing all this stuff taking over your life, and still you're getting it wrong?

Ever thought of how much it's costing you? What's the lost opportunity cost of not concentrating on your own business instead of fiddling about with all this new fangled, and ever complicated digital stuff?

Professional Services Don't Have to Cost The Earth

Why not just hand over all your internet and website management to someone who knows what they're doing, can do it right first time, and perhaps save you those lost sales when you're website was down, as well as give you back your time so that you can do what you do best.

Let's face it, you outsource your accountancy, your legal advice, and so many more key services, why would you not outsource your website management?

Simply give AdClix a call and we can give you that time back.

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